Fly to the Stars

An uplifting, inspiring piece that invokes feelings of soaring, happiness and life. Featuring delicate piano melodies, a driving string section, sparkling glockenspiels and whimsical trombones, this piece has everything needed to inspire, motivate and drive any piece of inspirational media.

Filled With Childlike Wonder

An adventurous, whimsical piece filled with wonder and excitement. Featuring a driving acoustic guitar rhythm, soaring strings and piano/glockenspiel countermelodies. Perfect for creating a sense of adventure, exploration, inspiration or to add an uplifting, motivational tone to any piece of corporate media.

Eternal Positive Affirmations

A beautiful, peaceful ambient song for:

motivational speeches
guided meditation
nature footage
yoga instruction
inspirational video
wedding and other romantic scenery

This instrumental also includes binaural beats for effectiveness in positive affirmations, concentration, studying, rehabilitation, and sleep.

Tropical Dubstep

Uplifting tropical summer pop with piano, synths and drums. The build up of the music will evoke feelings of holiday, travel and leisure time. Perfect background for commercials, corporate videos, presentations, advertising, promotions, TV more.


Uplifting and powerful pop track with piano, guitars, synths, plucks, bass and drums. The simple melody will evoke feelings of success and achievement. Perfect background for commercials, corporate videos, presentations, promotions, sports, infomercials, TV and many more.