Inspirational Majestic Upbeat EDM

Inspiring and upbeat ambient edm electro track with some future bass aesthetics. This track include plucky lead, pads, kick and snare, shaker and bass. This track could be use as a background music for advertising, video presentation, holiday, panoramic videos, travel, landscapes videos and You Tube videos projects !


Christmas – beautiful, uplifting and cinematic Xmas music for your project!

This track is perfect for decorating Christmas presents, Christmas Eve yule. Has a very happy, fun and playful holiday mood. This track will greatly increase the attractiveness of your congratulations.

Merry Christmas! and Happy New Year!

Morning Light

Music that inspires and creates a positive feeling. A soft and romantic piano, oboe and strings melody, creating a calm and sentimental atmosphere, ideal for background music in presentations, films, commercials, short videos and various other projects.

Lost Hope

A melancholic and rather dark melody, gradually building and rising on strings and brass, reaching an emotional climax. Ideal for projects needing an emotional and rather dark atmosphere.