Emotional Music Box Soundscape

A delicate piece that evokes memories of music boxes, ambient spaces and a sense of mystery. Building in layers of synths, flourishing with a rising swell of strings, this track is perfect for quiet ambient moments that build in intensity. With easily loop-able sections, this track would also work great for video game menu screens or map music.

Ambient Inspirational

Inspirational ambient music track, featuring guitars, piano, pads, percussion, deep bass and electronic drums.
Perfect background for commercials, inspirational videos, corporate projects, business videos, slideshows, presentations, TV, YouTube, advertising, marketing and more.


Cinematic piano duet with a lot of emotion, romantic accents and melancholic sensitive notes. Great for short film, movie, TV show, YouTube, animation, ad campaign, wedding video, commercial, documentary and more medias that require background music.

Epic Trailer

Epic Emotional Cinematic Motivational Trailer’ is an epic, powerful, inspirational take on the traditional “trailer” music style, only this time without the all-to-overdone mega deafness causing horn blasts typical of most trailer music.

Memory Of Neverland

That is a reminiscence track that brings you in a futuristic world without wars and pain. A groove with synthetic vocals starts with a liquid piano then a synth sequence completes the track. Perfect for sci-fi and dynamic advertisings.

Smooth And Inspiring Background Music

Smooth & Ambient track which is peaceful and nostalgic .This track is a perfect choice to commercials, documentary, cinematic scene, artistic video project, video games, vlogs and more… This track include modern synth sound, simple bass, electric guitar, drums machine and hovering pads and leads.