Business Badass

Cinematic and dramatic track with big drums, strings, synthesizer, electric guitars and a lot of percussion elements. Perfect for videos, image trailers, commercials, advertising, presentations, corporate videos, promotions, TV, YouTube and more.

Honor Code

An all out massive Epic Cinematic track that starts SMALL and ends HUGE! The big screen styled cue boasts a a perfectly paced intensity building from beginning to end. A center drop perfect for video cuts erupts into a thunderous, ecstatic finale. The ending returns to the beginning theme, trailer style.

A well crafted cue perfect for big screen cinema, intense video games, heroic visual media, extreme sports and much more.

Certain Victory

A brisk, bold, epic cinematic track conjuring emotions of victory, might, perseverance, power and achievement. A simple theme on the piano starts the track that is soon joined in by evolving percussion and string lines. After a center drop, perfect for your video edit, the piece builds upon itself featuring massive brass and an epic choir leading the way to a huge climax. The end returns to the beginning trailer style and ends with finality.


Dramatic, mystical, deep and very emotional piece with a cinematic and epic feel to it.
Perfect fit for film, movie trailer, background music, documentaries, slideshows, time labs, U-Tube videos and much more.

Epic Trailer

Epic Emotional Cinematic Motivational Trailer’ is an epic, powerful, inspirational take on the traditional “trailer” music style, only this time without the all-to-overdone mega deafness causing horn blasts typical of most trailer music.

Cinematic Epic Orchestra – Kingdom

“Cinematic Epic Orchestra – Kingdom” is a cinematic, dramatic action theme, featuring a massive rhythmic section, including big timpani and cymbals, energetic spiccato strings, sustained strings and brass, combined with choir.

Suitable for:
Commercials, Promotional Videos, Cinematic Trailers, Video Games, YouTube Videos, Battle Scenes, Action Adventure Scenes.

Dream Piano

A simple and moving piano track that creates a tranquil and romantic vibe. Comes in two versions.
Piano-Extended (Final note held out to decay) Piano (Loopable) Ideal for commercials, advertisements, film/television, wedding videos and corporate presentations.