Chasing Amazing

Describes an exciting and suspenseful event. Includes latin instruments such as bongo and conga, and percussions like toms, cymbals and cowbell. Great for sports videos especially football / soccer, food highlights advertisement, presentations and action chase scenes.

Gritty Punk Rock Upbeat

Energetic and gritty rock track featuring uplifting electric guitars, bouncy rock bass, positive claps and energetic hard rock drums.
Featuring a driving rock riff and upbeat drums accompanied by claps and positive melodies, it will prove to be more than perfect for your dynamic commercials, promos, sport projects, trailers and movies, openers, vlogs, travel and lifestyle projects, skateboard, surf, podcasts and more.

Lo-Fi Chill-Hop

Background hip hop track with a classic beat and a taste of fresh sounds, featuring real played precision bass and bouncy drums, lo-fi vibe piano, strings and keyboards.
Useful for Presentation- Youtube Video, Podcast, Social Media Marketing, School and College Work, Theme Tune, Youtube Channel Intro / Outro, Opener, Slide Show, urban presentation, Promotion, Holiday and Vacation Videos, soul food video, trip vlog.

Path to Glory

A dynamic and inspiring track with a driving string ostinato and a heroic brass and strings melody, creating an adventurous and epic atmosphere, leading to a full orchestra climax. Great for trailers, films and video games.

Power Rock Guitars

“Power Rock Guitars” is powerful, energetic, aggressive and uplifting rock track.
Includes strong drums, distortion, bass, rock crash and frantic overdrive guitar riffs on fender stratocaster electric guitar.
The mood is edgy, grungy, rough, high energy, and cool.
Perfect for video production, background music, video game, podcast, movie, sport video, YouTube channel, extreme show and more!

Main Genre: rock, alternative, powerful rock, alternative rock, modern rock, indie, indie rock, garage, grunge.

For your convenience this track comes in 3 versions:
Version 1-Power Rock Guitars-Main Track (2:29)
Version 2-Power Rock Guitars-Short cut 60 secs (0:59)
Version 3-Power Rock Guitars-Short cut 30 secs (0:30)

Free Soul Indie Rock

Catchy, youthful and full of free spirit! Clap, stomp and sing along to the contagious rhythm and infectious vocals. Life is about adventure and this track reflects that philosophy.

Perfect for TV, promotional ads, internet campaign videos and a wide range of other applications.

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