The Heist

A tense, hypnotic loop featuring a mesmerising synth line enhanced with light percussion, string lines and synth stabs. Easily loop-able sections make it perfect for multiple applications to ratchet up the tension in any scene.

Mysterious Ocean Day Dreams

An uplifting yet mysterious track that builds intensity using layers of driving string rhythms. Touches of synth bass and leads add a modern flair. Mysterious and magical, this track is perfect for evoking a sense of wonder and awe. Great for documentaries or inspirational pieces.

Corporate Glitch Technology

Corporate Inspiring music with a technological and commercial sound, future bass, strings, glitch sounds and effects!
Great for corporate and commercial advertising, video presentation or promotion, technology video, videohive, youtube or instagram projects. motivational background track, IT, hi-tech or innovative videos, websites, and many other!

Minimal Ambient Technology

Minima ambient track with science technology sounds, with arpeggio pluck, pad, piano, strings, guitars, drums and cool positive synth.
It will work well on your inspiring corporate and atmospheric presentation videos, Kickstarter videos, advertisements, commercials, crowdfunding videos, web video projects and many other applications.