Dramatic, mystical, deep and very emotional piece with a cinematic and epic feel to it.
Perfect fit for film, movie trailer, background music, documentaries, slideshows, time labs, U-Tube videos and much more.

Sublime Sentimental Strings

A minimal cinematic orchestral with high string textures and emotional flavors. Suitable for a lot of sentimental visual media: movie, short film, animation, TV show, podcast, documentary, commercial, storytelling, radio, trailers, presentation and many more.


Cinematic piano duet with a lot of emotion, romantic accents and melancholic sensitive notes. Great for short film, movie, TV show, YouTube, animation, ad campaign, wedding video, commercial, documentary and more medias that require background music.

Epic Trailer

Epic Emotional Cinematic Motivational Trailer’ is an epic, powerful, inspirational take on the traditional “trailer” music style, only this time without the all-to-overdone mega deafness causing horn blasts typical of most trailer music.