Long Way Home

alm, intense, deep and very emotional piece, with a real heartfelt played Saxophone melody on top of this tune.
Featuring pads, harp, drums, saxophone, with a cinematic and epic feel to it.
This song will enhance your projects like:
TV or Radio advert / commercial – Youtube Video – Podcast – Film – Television – Video Game Soundtrack – Social Media Marketing – School and College Work – Videohive Preview – Viral Marketing Campaign – Mobile Phone App – Business and Promotional Presentation – Home Video – Theme Tune – Youtube Channel Intro / Outro – Opener – Crowdfunding Video – Background Music – Slide Show – Documentary – Cinema – TV Promotion – Web – Holiday and Vacation Videos – Sports Media

Universal Spirit

Meditative dreamy atmospheric background track, in 432Hz natural tuning.
Perfect fit for media projects, timelapse, travel videos, spa, massage spa, spa water, spa promo, resort, luxury hotel, sauna, massage therapy, manicure, meditation, yoga, reiki or for simple relaxation.

Ocean Waves

. Relax and positive electronic music created with Piano, synthesizer, bass, drum mashine and percussion. Electronic technology background music which perfectly fits for digital projects, motivational videos, documentary, electronic future, corporate videos, relaxing, high tech, lyric videos and more

Cinematic Duduk

An emotional cinematic Soundtrack track. Perfect for accompanying a sad, sorrowful or dramatic scene, Movie trailer, Movies, emotional video. Melody is performed on Duduk – armenian national instrument.

Beatiful Day

A soft, flowing and atmospheric background ambient composition with peaceful and contemplative mood, featuring deep piano chords, synth pad and bass, chillout drum groove, background strings, percussion, etc.

Perfect for: research and reviews, slow and freeze motion movies, slideshows, tranquil, idyllic, dreamy and contemplative videos, nature, documentary, YouTube and more.

Silent Night

If the sweetness of a warm hug had a sound it would be that of Silent Night Classic. This song fills your heart with love and joy, the joy that comes when you come back home on winter evenings, with your family and your pet sit in front of a fireplace while enjoying a tasty hot chocolate.
The song is featured by a wonderful Soul voice, gospel choirs, strings and Hammond organ. The harmonic and melodic structure is supported by a line of drums and double bass that cleverly highlights the moments of crescendo.
Silent night Classic is all you could ask for Christmas and even more, the perfect song for those who love and want to feel loved, at Christmas or, why not, the rest of the year too.