Stand and Fight

A massive rock/orchestral track with wall-of-sound distorted guitars, soaring synth melodies and tense driving strings. Delivers a sense of power, grandeur, challenge, motivation and rising hope. The perfect track to ramp up dramatic tension!

Epic Powerful Inspiring Dramatic

“Epic Powerful Inspiring Dramatic” is an inspiring, powerful, dramatic, heroic, epic, emotional, strong, motivating, hopeful and massive cinematic trailer track with many orchestral elements, effects, full choir, hybrid elements, epic percussion, big booms and risers with a catchy, powerful, strong and emotional melody.

Filled With Childlike Wonder

An adventurous, whimsical piece filled with wonder and excitement. Featuring a driving acoustic guitar rhythm, soaring strings and piano/glockenspiel countermelodies. Perfect for creating a sense of adventure, exploration, inspiration or to add an uplifting, motivational tone to any piece of corporate media.