Eternal Positive Affirmations

A beautiful, peaceful ambient song for:

motivational speeches
guided meditation
nature footage
yoga instruction
inspirational video
wedding and other romantic scenery

This instrumental also includes binaural beats for effectiveness in positive affirmations, concentration, studying, rehabilitation, and sleep.

Reaching the Heights

A huge expansive uplifting track of pure joy and wonder. Positive, overwhelming, ecstatic vibes of bliss are the highlighted emotions throughout. The track starts small and build to an over the top glorious finish. Plenty of video edit points throughout for all of your positive feeling video media.

Never Give Up

An extremely powerful, motivational Hybrid Cinematic Trailer capturing the raw emotions of perseverance, dedication, determination and endurance to reach a goal no matter what. A potent combination of orchestral elements, synths and a ton of massive percussion.

Massive Epic Battle Trailer

A powerful, dynamic, intense trailer. Features an atmospheric intro, that is driven with powerful, thunderous percussion. Deep sub bass, horns, and driving strings carry the track to the earthquake of a drop. The second half builds in intensity with huge epic choir pads, tense spiccato strings, even bigger percussion and then wraps up with an over the top massive ending. Maximum impact guaranteed.

Honor Code

An all out massive Epic Cinematic track that starts SMALL and ends HUGE! The big screen styled cue boasts a a perfectly paced intensity building from beginning to end. A center drop perfect for video cuts erupts into a thunderous, ecstatic finale. The ending returns to the beginning theme, trailer style.

A well crafted cue perfect for big screen cinema, intense video games, heroic visual media, extreme sports and much more.

Epic Sci-Fi Action Theme

An ethereal, moody Sci-Fi theme full of mysterious goodness. This track features a tasty blend of evocative synths, orchestral strings, epic percussion, and misty, spacey, floating voices. The energy builds section by section to a powerful climax, then cools back down to a full ending in the outro.

This music would be well suited for action, adventure, space and Sci-Fi backdrops, video games, nature scenes and elsewhere where a big picture vibe is desired.

Certain Victory

A brisk, bold, epic cinematic track conjuring emotions of victory, might, perseverance, power and achievement. A simple theme on the piano starts the track that is soon joined in by evolving percussion and string lines. After a center drop, perfect for your video edit, the piece builds upon itself featuring massive brass and an epic choir leading the way to a huge climax. The end returns to the beginning trailer style and ends with finality.