Dramatic, mystical, deep and very emotional piece with a cinematic and epic feel to it.
Perfect fit for film, movie trailer, background music, documentaries, slideshows, time labs, U-Tube videos and much more.

Nostalgic Midnight 80s Synthwave

Nostalgic and Heavy retro track with 80s and synthwave aesthetics. This track include retro synth sounds and hovering pads, DX7 synth, drum machine and powerful bass. This track could be use as a background music for advertising, video presentation, artistic, cinematic and You Tube video project !

Ambient Retro Synth Pop

Dreamy and Nostalgic track for art, technology, short film, documentary, science fiction, video games, cinematic, You Tube video and Dreamy video projects! Include futuristic sounds, retro synths, drum machine, hovering pads, glitch, bit crusher , arp, sounds effects and smooth lead..

Closing In

Suspenseful and dramatic hybrid underscore. Think crime shows like Criminal Minds and CSI, though it can also be used for projects such as trailers for video games and films / movies / TV, popular commercials, advertising, Youtube videos, photo slideshows, background music for any kind of visual, inspirational videos, apps / applications, presentations and many more!

Calling Out

Dramatic orchestral track, mainly driven by the Strings. For the most part the piece is very mellow and melancholic, with a touch of suspense and tension, but ends with a more hopeful final act.

We Made It

Suspense, dark ambient tune for cinematic effects. Fits perfectly for travel companies, commercials, corporate videos, business projects, fashion shows, news, advertisement, travel companies, commercials, corporate videos, cinema, movie trailer.