Revelation X

Dark Suspensful atmosphere track, suitable for end credits or main titles in film, television, or games. Ideal fit for horror, creepy thriller, suspense or cinematic dark genres as well.


Minimalist orchestral soundtrack, perfect for films, documentary and tv series.
The song is featured by the solo piano that plays dreamy and moving melodic lines. The orchestra cleverly highlights the moments of crescendo with the obstinate of violins and violas, the result is an exciting piece that will keep you breathless from the beginning to the end.

The Stranger

“The Stranger” is a song that recalls the sound of the famous science fiction/thriller tv series from the 80’s.
It is an obscure and mysterious, but also dreamy song that evolves in the chorus with a charge of hope, courage and energy.
A piece of great emotional impact, with the typical atmosphere of the new wave of the 80s


Retrofunk (Uplifting Future Funk) is an uplifting track with an 80’s vintage taste, rich of great energy and style.
Listening to Retrofunk it is impossible not to imagine itself on a cadillac by driving along the streets of California at sunset.
Great for Youtube videos, videogames, movies and any type of video in which you need a charge of energy and style.