Business Badass

Cinematic and dramatic track with big drums, strings, synthesizer, electric guitars and a lot of percussion elements. Perfect for videos, image trailers, commercials, advertising, presentations, corporate videos, promotions, TV, YouTube and more.

Battle of Wills

A high energy introduction with cinematic percussions leads to tense pulsing strings, bold brass and horns, a middle east vocals and subtle electronic elements that depict a dramatic or action epic scene.

Closing In

Suspenseful and dramatic hybrid underscore. Think crime shows like Criminal Minds and CSI, though it can also be used for projects such as trailers for video games and films / movies / TV, popular commercials, advertising, Youtube videos, photo slideshows, background music for any kind of visual, inspirational videos, apps / applications, presentations and many more!

We Made It

Suspense, dark ambient tune for cinematic effects. Fits perfectly for travel companies, commercials, corporate videos, business projects, fashion shows, news, advertisement, travel companies, commercials, corporate videos, cinema, movie trailer.

The Chaser

Dark epic music with percussion and pad elements. Excellent for a lot of media: movie, short film, animation, TV show, podcast, documentary, commercial, storytelling, video games, radio, trailers, presentation and many more.