Trap Days

“Trap Days” is a song with an obscure and mysterious soul, featured by big and powerful bass and a modern and catchy drum beat.
Trap Days is the perfect track for those looking for a modern atmosphere with a powerful and dark sound.

Jingle Bells Rock

You know “Jingle Bells”, the reindeers, Santa Claus the good feelings and all the rest? Forget it, this Christmas you’ll have a charged rock injection with this version of jingle bells that seems to come out straight from a 70’s Rock album.
The song begins without arousing suspicions with the usual Christmas lullaby made of tiny bells and sweet melodies, but immediately here they come breaking through the door distorted guitars, drums and bass. The result is a completely new Jingle Bells with a charge of gritty rock that blows the wigs away, so if you do not have guts this track is not for you. Only for real rockers.