Business Badass

Cinematic and dramatic track with big drums, strings, synthesizer, electric guitars and a lot of percussion elements. Perfect for videos, image trailers, commercials, advertising, presentations, corporate videos, promotions, TV, YouTube and more.

Massive Epic Battle Trailer

A powerful, dynamic, intense trailer. Features an atmospheric intro, that is driven with powerful, thunderous percussion. Deep sub bass, horns, and driving strings carry the track to the earthquake of a drop. The second half builds in intensity with huge epic choir pads, tense spiccato strings, even bigger percussion and then wraps up with an over the top massive ending. Maximum impact guaranteed.

Funky Soul Brass Section

Fast, funky and groovy funny music with electric guitars, fat slappy and distorted bass,
brass / horns section melody, stabs and hits.
This is a very energetic track with a lots of drum breaks, retro sounding clavinets and organs.
Funky and easy loopable track suitable for presentations, youtube videos, adverts,
slideshows and many more.