Fly to the Stars

An uplifting, inspiring piece that invokes feelings of soaring, happiness and life. Featuring delicate piano melodies, a driving string section, sparkling glockenspiels and whimsical trombones, this piece has everything needed to inspire, motivate and drive any piece of inspirational media.

Filled With Childlike Wonder

An adventurous, whimsical piece filled with wonder and excitement. Featuring a driving acoustic guitar rhythm, soaring strings and piano/glockenspiel countermelodies. Perfect for creating a sense of adventure, exploration, inspiration or to add an uplifting, motivational tone to any piece of corporate media.

Reaching the Heights

A huge expansive uplifting track of pure joy and wonder. Positive, overwhelming, ecstatic vibes of bliss are the highlighted emotions throughout. The track starts small and build to an over the top glorious finish. Plenty of video edit points throughout for all of your positive feeling video media.

Never Give Up

An extremely powerful, motivational Hybrid Cinematic Trailer capturing the raw emotions of perseverance, dedication, determination and endurance to reach a goal no matter what. A potent combination of orchestral elements, synths and a ton of massive percussion.

High Energy Pop

Upbeat, uplifting and energetic Pop track, featuring funky electric guitars, synths, deep bass and modern electronic drums.
Perfect background music for commercials, advertising, sports videos, marketing campaigns, TV, YouTube, slideshows, party videos, extreme sports videos, action videos and more.

Ambient Inspirational

Inspirational ambient music track, featuring guitars, piano, pads, percussion, deep bass and electronic drums.
Perfect background for commercials, inspirational videos, corporate projects, business videos, slideshows, presentations, TV, YouTube, advertising, marketing and more.