Chasing Amazing

Describes an exciting and suspenseful event. Includes latin instruments such as bongo and conga, and percussions like toms, cymbals and cowbell. Great for sports videos especially football / soccer, food highlights advertisement, presentations and action chase scenes.

Gritty Punk Rock Upbeat

Energetic and gritty rock track featuring uplifting electric guitars, bouncy rock bass, positive claps and energetic hard rock drums.
Featuring a driving rock riff and upbeat drums accompanied by claps and positive melodies, it will prove to be more than perfect for your dynamic commercials, promos, sport projects, trailers and movies, openers, vlogs, travel and lifestyle projects, skateboard, surf, podcasts and more.

Cinematic Ending

A cinematic track, featuring piano and a string section, with a sense of movement, perfect for elegant and serious projects, end credits, films, movies, suspense or thriller, finishing with a positive mood.


Christmas – beautiful, uplifting and cinematic Xmas music for your project!

This track is perfect for decorating Christmas presents, Christmas Eve yule. Has a very happy, fun and playful holiday mood. This track will greatly increase the attractiveness of your congratulations.

Merry Christmas! and Happy New Year!