Track genre / Жанр трека Кинематографическая Mood / Настроение Агрессивная, Боевик, Воинственная, Депрессивная, Мотивационная, Научная фантастика, Приключенческая, Триллер / Криминал, Эпическая / Оркестровая Tags / Метки Instruments used / Использованные инструменты Пианино, Струны, Туба, Ударные (живые) BPM 82 P.R.O: No / Нет

Sneaky Halloween Witch

The bad witch is here for you!
Sneaky Halloween Witch is quirky and comic but also scary and eerie and represents the Halloween’s magic world where haunted castles, ghosts, witches, monsters and living pumpkins are real…

The funny playful and sneaky melodies and the creepy cartoon atmosphere make this Halloween Instrumental background music perfect for Halloween projects and events, Halloween videos, trick-or-treat videos, holiday and seasonal commercials and advertising, Halloween cartoon, spooky animation, TV, horror video games or any other spooky-Halloween project!
Featuring Instruments and SFX: Evil witch laugh, scary scream, and howls, theremin, harpsichord, various percussion and metals, tuba and brasses, crotales, Glocks and vibes (bells), cymbals and gongs, cello, pizzicato and legato strings.

Happy Halloween!