Modern Sci-Fi Trailer

Suspense and tension track suitable for high impact cinematic visuals and epic trailer music.
Inspired by the haunted music under your favorite RPG, sci-fi, action or survival horror videogame and influenced by Hollywood blockbusters like thrillers, drama, horror, action, stealth and in general, dark projects.
The loop is built around percussion patterns and pulsing bass lines with suspenseful elements following the cinematic trends in horror, action, sci-fi, crime and suspenseful realms.

Creepy Horror Orchestral Hybrid

A chillingly creepy piece with a thick scary atmosphere. The track has that time-honored classical orchestral sound, but is also mixed in with a modern hybrid sound and incredibly heavy hitting horror inspiring climax.

Perfect for application for different media projects, from TV, movies, trailers and so on.

Contains Orchestra, strings, brass, piano, glockenspiel, FX, big drums, horror sounds and more!