Track genre / Жанр трека Кинематографическая Mood / Настроение Агрессивная, Боевик, Воинственная, Депрессивная, Мотивационная, Научная фантастика, Приключенческая, Триллер / Криминал, Эпическая / Оркестровая Tags / Метки Instruments used / Использованные инструменты Пианино, Струны, Туба, Ударные (живые) BPM 82 P.R.O: No / Нет

Epic battle drums


_Explosive drums trailer track, Big taiko drums with edgy percussion
_Modern and dynamic, groovy and upbeat
_Includes atmospheric textures, upbeat acoustic big rhythm drums, energetic taiko, gigantic tabla percussions
_Easy to cut by loop
_Great for YouTube videos, Modern Slideshow, Cinematic Trailers, energy video, commercials and more…

This track comes in three (3) different versions:
1.Main track-Full mix (1:59)
2.Short cut-60 seconds (1:00)
3.Short cut-30 seconds (0:30)

Road to Victory

Conquer unattainable heights with this victorious majestic music with lush orchestral strings and imperial choir. Completed with a massive deep sound of epic proportions, this would be excellent as background music or soundtrack for: sports videos, short film, inspirational or motivational video production, broadcasting, commercials, ad, movie, radio, animation, documentaries, podcasts, television series, video games, tv show and many more. Original music with a grand ending, based on the UEFA Champions League anthem. If you need other versions don’t hesitate to reach out!