Gritty Punk Rock Upbeat

Energetic and gritty rock track featuring uplifting electric guitars, bouncy rock bass, positive claps and energetic hard rock drums.
Featuring a driving rock riff and upbeat drums accompanied by claps and positive melodies, it will prove to be more than perfect for your dynamic commercials, promos, sport projects, trailers and movies, openers, vlogs, travel and lifestyle projects, skateboard, surf, podcasts and more.


Modern and stylish epic beat for your projects.

Features energetic foot stomps, dynamic hand claps, groovy drums, aggressive toms and other powerful percussions.

Great for business presentations, commercials, ads, slideshows, youtube videos, web and other media projects, vlogs, product launching, broadcasting, visuals and advertising, radio, sport videos, action movies, films, trailers, blockbusters, credits, soundtracks, podcasts etc.