An Epic Story

Cinematic orchestral track with epic and heroic feel.
The epic and heroic mood of this song is perfect for videos with an intense sense of adventure and discovery: documentary, movie, games, motivational and inspiring videos, trailers, timelapse, commercials and much more.

Cinematic Duduk

An emotional cinematic Soundtrack track. Perfect for accompanying a sad, sorrowful or dramatic scene, Movie trailer, Movies, emotional video. Melody is performed on Duduk – armenian national instrument.

Silent Night

If the sweetness of a warm hug had a sound it would be that of Silent Night Classic. This song fills your heart with love and joy, the joy that comes when you come back home on winter evenings, with your family and your pet sit in front of a fireplace while enjoying a tasty hot chocolate.
The song is featured by a wonderful Soul voice, gospel choirs, strings and Hammond organ. The harmonic and melodic structure is supported by a line of drums and double bass that cleverly highlights the moments of crescendo.
Silent night Classic is all you could ask for Christmas and even more, the perfect song for those who love and want to feel loved, at Christmas or, why not, the rest of the year too.

Love Revolution

“Love Revolution” is an emotional, energetic and positive Pop-Rock song. The song is featured by dreamy and engaging male vocals, edgy guitars, solid drums and bass, big and powerful synths thet give the track a modern and catchy sound full of energy.
It is the perfect track for those who want to dream a future of hope and positivity.


Lotus is a fresh and dynamic track with a positive sound full of energy. The song is featured by modern synth sounds, an electronic bass full of grooves, with the addition of acoustic instruments such as violins and castanets. Accurately produced vocal samples complete the track.
Lotus is the perfect track for those who need to give a touch of freshness and vitality to their project.

Happy Friday

“Happy Friday” is a fresh, energetic and super-positive indie rock song.
The song is featured by cheerful and captivating guitar riffs, edgy live recorded bass line and positive and engaging male vocals.
It is the perfect track for those who need to give their project an injection of energy and positivity.

Future Dream

“Future Dream” is a fresh and dynamic track featured by a filtered female voice, a powerful kick and wide and dynamic synths.
Overall, the song impresses with its fresh, striking sounds and its addictive groove.
This song will give your videos a young and dynamic touch full of enthusiasm, hope and energy.