Glockenspiel Mellow Pop

This track is a joyful and heartfelt pop track using a delicate piano and glockenspiel melody backed up by electric guitar, drums, bass and hand claps with background synth elements. The song has a fresh and positive vibe with an overall happy, uplifting and inspiring mood. This track would work well for a heartfelt and magical advertising project.

Energetic Upbeat Funky Pop

Energetic, upbeat pop track with a funky and stylish vibe and current sound, featuring modern vocal samples. The track ads a bright, exciting and stylish ambiance – great for fashion videos, lifestyle videos, and projects aimed a t a young / youthful audience, demanding a current sounding track.

Energetic Optimistic Pop

Energetic, catchy, bright and optimistic – this infectious and energetic pop track delivers a current sound. Great for promotional videos, travel blog videos, modern corporate videos, lifestyle and fashion videos, youthful and current themes.

Travelling The World

Middle Eastern fusion track, featuring acoustic guitar, harp, indian strings and percussion. Exotic, alluring and mystical mood combined with modern hip hop production elements. This track can work well for travel shows, ethnic oriented spots and reality shows.

Tokyo Ride

Upbeat hip hop track with asian instruments and lively mood. Cheerful and sexy track with modern production values. It can work great for reality shows, cooking tv programs, ethnic restaurants and commercials.

This Is It

Вариации трека: Все вариации, включенные в стоимость и доступные для скачивания Track genre / Жанр трека Advertising, Elecrtronica, Electronica- dance, Hip hop, Pop, Pop- electronic pop Mood / Настроение Club music, Motivational, Sports, Workout / Fitness Tags / Метки Instruments used / Использованные инструменты Drums (electronic), Synthesizer BPM 120 P.R.O: USA (BMI)

The Zone

Hip Hop track with edgy,aggressive synths and tight,strong beats.The sub-bass add a dark element to the atmosphere.Punchy and slightly dark sound with modern production techniques.

Surfin’ On Mars

Urban Hip-Hop track with very uplifting,summer spirit.Acoustic guitars,blended with hip-hop beats,horns and funky bass-lines.Groovy and danceable track with positive,uptempo mood.It also has a reggae feeling.It’s one to cheer you up!