Tropical Summer

A fresh pop track with a tropical-jungle vibe to give your videos that great summer-chill feel. The track has a warm sound and a playful and danceable pop-rhythm, and is perfect for holiday footage, montages, or any other type of videos that needs that summer vibe.

Morning Breeze

“Morning Breeze” is a hymn to freedom, cheerful and carefree that takes you into wide meadows where the gaze is lost beyond the horizon and the mind flies free and happy on the notes of a banjo and an accordion.
The song is featured by a great variety of instruments, such as the accordion, the banjo, brass, percussion and piano.
“Morning Breeze” is the perfect song for those who dream of flying on the wings of freedom.

A Sunny Day

Sunny Day is a cheerful and sunny song, ideal for corporate videos, commercials and any video that needs a light and refreshing soundtrack.
The song is characterized by acoustic guitar, harmonica and positive background vocals.
Listening to Sunny Day the mind flies free to magical and distant destinations, and runs between wide and sunny prairies until sunset waiting to discover the new adventures that we’ll live tomorrow .