Majestic, triumphant and epic cinematic pirate battle hymn, full of passion, tension, action and adventure, with a glorious, pompous and heroic character, dramatic, determined and war mood and wild pirate courage heart and soul…

The massive string orchestra with an exceptional, remarkable, inspiring and dynamic melody, the suspenseful, imposing and monster percussion and brasses, with a crazy and ungovernable groove and rhythm, the creepy and the full of awe battle cries and the powerful and monumental crescendo, make this Hollywood Blockbuster Soundtrack ideal for movies, cinematic film intros, action adventure films and videos, montage, movie trailer, video games, battle scenes, Tv commercials and advertising.

Featured instruments: piano, string orchestra, staccatos and arpeggios, violin and cello solos, rhythmic snares and cymbals, gong, trombone, french horn, tuba, full choir singing the theme, serene and angelic women choir, big drums and percussion.