Majestic, triumphant and epic cinematic pirate battle hymn, full of passion, tension, action and adventure, with a glorious, pompous and heroic character, dramatic, determined and war mood and wild pirate courage heart and soul…

The massive string orchestra with an exceptional, remarkable, inspiring and dynamic melody, the suspenseful, imposing and monster percussion and brasses, with a crazy and ungovernable groove and rhythm, the creepy and the full of awe battle cries and the powerful and monumental crescendo, make this Hollywood Blockbuster Soundtrack ideal for movies, cinematic film intros, action adventure films and videos, montage, movie trailer, video games, battle scenes, Tv commercials and advertising.

Featured instruments: piano, string orchestra, staccatos and arpeggios, violin and cello solos, rhythmic snares and cymbals, gong, trombone, french horn, tuba, full choir singing the theme, serene and angelic women choir, big drums and percussion.

Cinematic Epicness

Cinematic Epicness Dramatic Vocals & Strings (“Vocal” and “Cut” variants)

The massive and imposing cinematic orchestra with great strings progressions, the beautiful, touching and angelic female voice, the big percussion in combination with hybrid sound effects, scrapes, swipes and sub drops makes a perfect atmosphere where there is drama, heroism, awe, emotion, exaltation, triumph and epicness…

Ideal for: epic montage, drama opener, films, movie trailers, intros and outros.

Instruments features piano, female vocals, strings (violin, cello, double bass), french horns, percussion, cymbals, “Zimmer” style horn bram (braaam) sound effect, timpani roll, sub drop, glitch sound effects, risers, downers and hits, atmospheric and ambient drone pad, gong and iron metal impacts.

The Return Of A King

The Return Of A King (Epic Soundtrack)

It is a war story, a story of heroes, a story of triumph! A dark, epic and emotionally powerful soundtrack with tiered plot and development, dramatic character and leading figure. With Zimmer style horns and heavy brasses, imposing orchestra, beautiful and touching piano and violin melodies and big percussion of invasion and conquest, makes a perfect war atmosphere where there is terror, awe, emotion, sadness but also exaltation, triumph and return… The return of a king!

Epic Futuristic Sci-Fi Hybrid Glitch Soundtrack

Epic Futuristic Sci-Fi Hybrid Glitch Soundtrack (Epic Cinematic Trailer)

Intense soundtrack with a heroic and triumphant character, futuristic and sci-fi mood and escalating rise.

A massive orchestra with great strings progressions, violins and cellos arpeggios, big drums and large, aggressive, epic percussion and iron metal impacts in combination with hybrid sound effects, scrapes, swipes and sub drops.

And then, somewhere after the silence and tranquility, it comes the climax, and the imposing horns take the reins and travel us till the end. Ideal for cinematic films, movie trailer intros, epic commercials, video games etc.