Orchestral Rock

An epic and inspiring piano and orchestral track that sets a glorious, uplifting, and triumphant cinematic mood.
Arpeggiated piano, beautiful strings, strong epic rock drums, will make any project truly come to life!!
Perfect for that hopeful and beautiful inspiring videos, as well as marketing, documentary and corporate videos!
Try it today!

For added flexibility, four versions are available:

01.Orchestral Rock-Main track – 2:56
02.Orchestral Rock-Short cut 2 mins (No drums) – 1:57
03.Orchestral Rock-Short cut 60 seconds – 0:56
04.Orchestral Rock-Short cut 30 seconds – 0:31

Quirky Spooky Halloween

A spooky and quirky track which will travel us in the “Halloween” world where haunted castles, ghosts, witches, monsters and living pumpkins are real…

The funny,playful but also sinister and haunting melody, the crazy brass rhythm and the epic orchestra, represent the Halloween mood and make it ideal for: Halloween projects and events, Halloween videos, trick-or-treat videos, holiday and seasonal commercials and advertising, cartoon, animation, tv, horror video games or any other spooky-Halloween project!

Instruments feature music box, bells, Theremin, harpsichord, xylophone, piano, pipe organ, bass drum, and timpani, tuba and brasses and full string orchestra with pizzicatos, staccatos, arpeggios, trills, and legatos