Hawaiian Ukulele Wahine

Wahine means “lady” in hawaiian so this track is a tribute to all of them! The theme is almost an acoustic pop track performed on my ukulele and arranged with some simple sounds including electric piano, soft synthesizers, bass, shakers and a cajon.
It’s a bright and simple track which will inspire your upcoming production, podcast, blog and video with an authentic and fresh ukulele performance.
Suitable for many types of contents (How to, Drone, Educational, Lifestyle, Travel & Tourism, Gaming, Nature, Animals, Pop Culture, Cooking, Life Hacks, DIY, Technology, Time Lapse, Tutorial, Real Estates, Reviews, Design & Art, Unboxing ) and many kind of projects. Enjoy it today!

Human Percussions

If you’re looking for a unique “human” track, you won’t miss this one! Inspired by the great musical Stomp and extremely versatile for almost anything, this royalty free music track is all about percussions, claps, stomps, mouth noises and body hits.
Use it for practically anything and you’ll be amazed by how good it fits to almost any content! Its effective and energizing nature will be of great importance for many categories (Fashion, Fitness, How to, Drone, Gaming, Sports, Nature, Animals, Pop Culture, Technology, Time Lapse, Tutorial, Design & Art ) and many kind of projects from podcast to intro, opener, short movie, promo, commercial, documentary, video game and advertising videos. Enjoy it today!

Available in:
Full (YouTube, Commercial)
Short (Instagram, Podcast)
Bumper (Social, Intro)
Sting (Audio Logo, Jingle)

Bluegrass fast chase

_Fast and uplifting Country song in Bluegrass style
_Modern and dynamic, groovy and upbeat
_Includes banjo, mandolin, acoustic guitar, cajon drum and hand clapping
_Great for YouTube videos, Modern Slideshow, children’s video, commercial, brand promo and more…

Feel free to contact me for any changes needs to be made in order to perfectly suits in your project.

Composer: Stelios Karastamatis (blackstop)
BMI CAE/IPI Number: 00280034988
Track BMI ID Number: 29188333
ISWC Number: T-927.300.620-5

Morning Breeze

“Morning Breeze” is a hymn to freedom, cheerful and carefree that takes you into wide meadows where the gaze is lost beyond the horizon and the mind flies free and happy on the notes of a banjo and an accordion.
The song is featured by a great variety of instruments, such as the accordion, the banjo, brass, percussion and piano.
“Morning Breeze” is the perfect song for those who dream of flying on the wings of freedom.

A Sunny Day

Sunny Day is a cheerful and sunny song, ideal for corporate videos, commercials and any video that needs a light and refreshing soundtrack.
The song is characterized by acoustic guitar, harmonica and positive background vocals.
Listening to Sunny Day the mind flies free to magical and distant destinations, and runs between wide and sunny prairies until sunset waiting to discover the new adventures that we’ll live tomorrow .


Upbeat, energetic, inspirational and joyful track featuring ukulele, bells, glockenspiel, guitars, stomps, claps and “Hey!”. The perfect track for a happy mood!
Great for:
Youtube videos, presentations, tutorials, slideshows, montages, openers, lifestyle and travel, real estate, startup videos, app promos, explainers, adverts, commercials, TV, background music, summer, sunshine, kids, and anything else uplifting!
Instruments features acoustic guitar, electric muted harmonic guitar, piano, orchestral strings, bells, drums.

Flamenco Mexican Standoff

“Flamenco Mexican Standoff” brings together Spanish flamenco music with a Mexican standoff and western showdown feel that is perfect for Cinco de Mayo. Spanish flamenco rhythms are driven by castanets while Spanish-styled guitar alternates between Mexican standoff and Spanish matador melodies, Zorro styled swordfighting duel dynamics, and bullfighting matador flamenco chord progressions. Latin and Spanish percussion brings forth the matador fire of this passionate, energetic, gripping, and suspenseful Pamplona bullfight and sword fight dance that evokes the Latino and Hispanic cultures thriving in Spain, Mexico, and countries in Latin America and South America, including Argentina, Cuba, and Brazil. The fiery, passionate Latin rhythms and intense Flamenco percussion of “Flamenco Mexican Standoff” equally evoke the images of a southwestern, western, Mexican, or Tex-Mex desert as well as a gypsy den, Cinco de Mayo fiesta Spanish mountainside, an Argentinian vaquero duel, or a zorro sword fighting duel. Imagine a matador or bullfighter enticing a bull in a bullfight or the running of the bulls in Pamplona. Perfectly suited for wild west cowboy action of sheriffs and bandits dueling in a gold rush ghost town stand off, “Flamenco Mexican Standoff” is a Mexican stock music track/western stock music track that can also inspire an intense Zorro sword fight or a bull fight – as well as a fiery Latin romantic Spanish dance full of passion and soul. “Flamenco Mexican Standoff” features flamenco Spanish guitar, flamenco castanets, guiro, maracas, shaker, bongos, and congas.

Sounds like The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly; Ennio Morricone; Gipsy Kings; Paco de Lucía; Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, and Sabicas.