Hawaiian Passion Flower

Feel the hawaiian island relaxing and intimate vibes on this acoustic ukulele ballad. These natural acoustic instruments blend original island folk instruments with a warm tropical summer feel and modern instrumentation suitable for your holiday memories and everything related to relaxing times and the Aloha spirit.
It’s a bright and simple track which will inspire your upcoming production, podcast and video with an authentic and fresh ukulele performance.

Inspiring Happy Ambient

A Modern, Elegant, Sophisticated, and Joyful Pop Track. With a very cool, relaxed, chillout mood in a youthful, fresh vibe. This song has an Electronic feel with Acoustic Sounds, featuring Grand Piano, Marimba, Percussions, Pipes, Synths, Bells. Perfect for Videos, TV, Films, Advertising, Corporate Presentations, Youtube Channels, Podcasts, Commercials, Business Projects, Sports, Lifestyle, Travel Vlogs, and More.

Stomp Claps & Chants

An adrenaline rush…!!!

Stomp Claps & Chants is a riveting and furious, drum music track, with a commanding and foreboding vibe, hip-hop style beat, intense powerful and epic cinematic percussion and stomps, heroic and war chants, fast, exciting and rhythmic claps!
Featuring single and group claps and snaps, stomps, bass drums and Taikos and “Hey” chants!

This track is ideal for: Typography, Typo videos, car chase scenes, commercials, fight scenes, combat scenes, intro and outro, action trailers, movie, teaser, extreme sports videos, people are awesome videos, Youtube, presentations, motion graphics, sport videos, Step up and Stomp the yard style movies and more

Feel the rhythm, Be the rhythm.