Middle East Sneaky Agent

This royalty free Turkish orchestral comedy music is a funny and sneaky track made with a magical clarinet, an incredible dulcimer, strings pizzicatos, funk guitars, mallets, upright bass, drums and percussions! It’s like 007 came to the Middle east but on vacation and to have some fun time! Use this evasive, comical and cinematic tune for spy and special moods videos, TV episode series, movies, advertising, radio tunes, openers, intros, video games and more and you will be on top of the world! Enjoy it now!

Middle East Comedy Party

This royalty free middle east comedy theme is a funny and cheerful tune that takes every opportunity to cheer you up and make you dance under the stars! Featuring fabulous acoustic guitars, electric piano chops, pumping bass lines with steady drums and percussion, it will prove to be of great importance for your You Tube videos, TV episode series, movies and intros, advertising, radio tunes and many more. Add some fresh and unique features into your great projects with this playful and dazzling acoustic music theme! Enjoy it now!

Sport Rock

A different and modern rock fusion track for sports.

Suitable for sport videos, car videos, presentations, driving videos, athletics videos, motivation videos, body-builder videos, drift videos, fun videos, pre roll, advertisment, trailer videos, extreme sport videos, fighting videos, motivational videos, demo reels and much more.

Instrumentation: acoustic drums, electric guitars, bass guitar, synth, Hammond organ