Hopeful and Inspiring Ambient Music

This Hopeful and Inspiring Ambient track was inspired by a nocturnal image with a sky full of stars. Listening to this song I imagine myself lying under the clear sky full of stars on a quiet night, dreaming and hoping for a better tomorrow. This song starts with a peaceful and gentle feeling. Then some beautiful soundscapes and orchestral elements are added on. After reaching the climax, everything stops and an ambient e.piano comes, ending with a wind soundscape effect leaving you back from where you started.
This track is perfect for short movies, slideshows, cinematic and drama films, documentaries and all kinds of projects that need an emotional and inspiring background.

Orchestral Rock

An epic and inspiring piano and orchestral track that sets a glorious, uplifting, and triumphant cinematic mood.
Arpeggiated piano, beautiful strings, strong epic rock drums, will make any project truly come to life!!
Perfect for that hopeful and beautiful inspiring videos, as well as marketing, documentary and corporate videos!
Try it today!

For added flexibility, four versions are available:

01.Orchestral Rock-Main track – 2:56
02.Orchestral Rock-Short cut 2 mins (No drums) – 1:57
03.Orchestral Rock-Short cut 60 seconds – 0:56
04.Orchestral Rock-Short cut 30 seconds – 0:31