Pop Music with Greek Bouzouki

Track genre / Жанр трека Греция, Поп Mood / Настроение Веселая, Мотивационная Tags / Метки Instruments used / Использованные инструменты Акустическая гитара, Бас-гитара, Вокал, Пианино, Рояль, Саз, Ударные (живые), Электропиано BPM 91 P.R.O: No / Нет

Acoustic Guitar Background Music

This is a beautiful acoustic track with acoustic guitar, piano and a lot of interesting elements. This track has a positive mood, it’s warm, inspiring and clean. This kind of music is perfect for any project that needs a positive and interesting background and it can be used for youtube, blogs, business and inspiring travel videos, slideshows, games, visuals and family videos, shows, radio broadcasting, films, marketing media, commercial, corporate use, tv advertising, wedding videos, web advertisement, applications, background theme, successful, motivational presentations and many more.