Jazz trio slow

This is a slow jazz tune.
Recorded live by professional musicians in a private studio.
It has the feeling of mid 40’s jazz clubs and is perfect as a background music for any vocalist or soloist musician
who wants to practice.

Meditative Journey

Mystical Oriental Chilled Beat. This laid back, ambient/electronic track uses bass guitar, drums, percussion, and oriental-sounding synths to create a soundscape of meditation and discovery of oneself. C minor, 60 bpm.


A light, calm and reflective track that has a melodic saxophone play over a chordal backing of piano and guitar. 60 bpm, F# minor. Reflective Dreamy Chilled Saxophone.

Latin Chant

Contemplative and vocal. A minimal vocal piece in latin that uses harmony and space to create a calm and reflective sound most likely heard in sacred/religious choral music. 60 bpm, C# minor.

Spiritual Western Exploration

A sombre and reflective track that uses dobro guitar, mouth organ, violin, pan flute, acoustic guitar, percussion and synth pads to create an atmosphere that would fit in the Wild West, America or a recollection/memory from the past as underscoring. 60 bpm, C minor.

Calm Sweet Children and Animals Fantasy

A beautiful minimalistic orchestral track with a glockenspiel melody and piccolo flute counter-melody, played above a layering of strings, woodwind and harp. The track creates a calm, sweet, and magical mood and imagery of sleeping kids or cute animals . 60 bpm, C Major.