Halloween Weirdo

This Halloween Trailer is ready to throw pumpkins and weirdness all over your project. Featuring creepy strings, weird harpsichord, bells from the cemetery, the iconic theremin and screams together with epic orchestral percussion which will elevate your clip to the next Halloween hit.
Suitable for intro, opening titles, podcasts, funny video games, presentation, blogs, e-cards and many more haunting clips!

Beat Dis

Let’s see if you can find a better smooth urban beat for your project. Featuring robotic vocal samples, muted guitars, bouncy percussions and a sexy electric piano over a groovy crunchy beat, this royalty free music will spin your visuals into a deep user experience with unique sounds and a very specific urban mood!

Suitable for many types of contents (Business, Fashion, Fitness, How to, Drone, Educational, Lifestyle, Travel & Tourism, Gaming, Sports, Nature, Animals, Pop Culture, Cooking, Gossip, Life Hacks, DIY, Technology, Time Lapse, Tutorial, Real Estates, Reviews, Design & Art, Weddings, Unboxing ) and many kind of projects from podcast to intro, opener, short movie, promo, commercial, documentary, video game and advertising videos. Enjoy it today!

Available in standard formats:
– Full (YouTube, Documentaries, Footage, Commercial , Background)
– 60sec (Instagram, Podcast, Vlog, Presentation, Promo)
– 30sec (Social, Stories, Intro, Opener, Radio Ads)
– 15sec (Sting, Titles, Jingle, Transition)


Organic orchestral logo with positive and happy attitude which will definitely put a smile on your face! The track features a pulsing rhythm through pizzicato strings, percussions and reversed samples and it’s driven by a lead melody on the piano.
It’s perfect opening intro for your daily or weekly podcast, nature, lifestyle videos, cooking blogs, thanks to a warm and intimate arrangement.

Synthwave – Generation 8

“Generation 8” is a Synth-Wave, Pop music track, influenced by the era of 80’s , heavily filled with a variety of retro synthesizer sounds, like: Lead melodic synth, wide stereophonic background pads, electronic drum set with characteristic toms and a synth Bass.

Suitable for:
Commercials, Promotional Videos, Products’ Presentation, Animated Shows, Video Games, YouTube Videos, DIY Videos.