Cinematic Dubstep Tryout

Orchestral, epic, heroic and inspiring cinematic music track for your project. It is perfect for your video, game, film, movie trailer and other projects that need powerful and dramatic background music. Ideal for commercials, corporate videos, presentations, promotions, infomercials, social media, tutorials, slideshows, openers, business videos, technology and science projects, lifestyle and travel, medical and health videos, startup promotions, explainer videos, advertising, TV and many more.

Epic battle drums


_Explosive drums trailer track, Big taiko drums with edgy percussion
_Modern and dynamic, groovy and upbeat
_Includes atmospheric textures, upbeat acoustic big rhythm drums, energetic taiko, gigantic tabla percussions
_Easy to cut by loop
_Great for YouTube videos, Modern Slideshow, Cinematic Trailers, energy video, commercials and more…

This track comes in three (3) different versions:
1.Main track-Full mix (1:59)
2.Short cut-60 seconds (1:00)
3.Short cut-30 seconds (0:30)

The Waltz of the Dead

A haunted waltz, with a cursed and eerie melody and dark fantasy atmosphere featuring music box, theremin, dissonant piano, chimes and Church bell, mixed and children’s choir, pipe organ (Church organ), pizzicato and legato strings, cello and tuba

Haunted Halloween Waltz is a dramatic and nostalgic but also dangerous and deranged piece of music… It is the waltz of the lost souls that call you to dance with them…

Would you?