Dramatic orchestral track, featuring sweeping strings, powerful brass and epic percussion. It starts with quiet and mysterious textures and develops into a big dramatic piece.


Energetic and powerful cinematic track, featuring driving Strings, forceful Brass and epic Percussion. Ideal for every project where you need to add that extra bit of energy and motivation, such as trailers for video games and films / movies / TV, popular commercials, advertising, Youtube videos, photo slideshows, background music for any kind of visual, inspirational videos, apps / applications, sports / sporting events, presentations and many more!

Fun Funk

Happy bright funk music track that is great for various shows, tv and radio programs, commercial and games. The tune was created with drums, bass, guitars, brass, e.organ, percussion and scratch. It is uplifting and groovy – all you need for successful project.

Ambient Futuristic Synthwave

– Ambient Futuristic Synthwave – This Ambient, Retro track is made for advertising, vlogs, Tv, video games, media, artistic, contemplative, Modern, High-Tech and You Tube Video project. It include many retro synths sound, with atmospheric pad, drone lead, and retro drums machine…