"At wizzy-sounds we combine western expertise with local business know-how, creating a truly unique company"

Fully localized for Russia/cis

Russia (and the surrounding countries) make up an enormous, high potential, yet unique market. But no royalty free music libraries have yet been able to fully reach the audience due to the local market specificities:

  • There are legal requirements in Russia for the conclusion of all contracts, including royalty free music contracts, which are not met by Western libraries. This causes legal issues when purchasing.
  • Invoices issued by western music libraries confirming the purchase are not recognised by the local tax authorities, causing accounting issues.
  • Very few music libraries provide a user friendly, Russian interface, so Russian speaking customers struggle to find the tracks they need in the first place.

At wizzy-sounds we provide the Russia/CIS market with a fully localized, high quality stock music library, along with all the necessary legal documents upon purchase of a track!

western expertise meets local know how

We are a Western owned, Russian company operating in line with local legislation and norms. Our team is made up of:

  • Western entrepreneurs with extensive expertise both in the west as well as Russia.
  • Local legal experts ensuring compliance and a smooth user-experience.
  • Local marketing experts ensuring high site traffic.
  • Local music industry experts and musicians performing our quality control checks and ensuring an exceptional library in line with local demand.

We provide a fully localized, translated and user friendly interface for our Russian speaking customers- precisely what the Russian market has been waiting for!

we look after our artists

We understand that our artists are the most important factor in our business, and we treat them accordingly. We provide some of the highest non-exclusive commissions in the industry and make the experience as simple as possible:

  • You make the music
  • we translate all your descriptions, tags, categories etc.
  • We promote it and send you the commissions!

Got a large music collection? No problem- send us the whole lot and we will do ALL the legwork for you! We will upload the tracks and write the descriptions for you, so you can focus on making more quality music! 

See our bulk upload instructions for more details.

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